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mastering audiophile | CD, vinyle, Hi-Res et cinéma




Thomas is a freelance audio mastering engineer with an audiophile sensibility, based in Toulouse, France, since 2010.

He has worked with dozens of artists, some known internationally, in all musical genres or styles. For a (non-exhaustive) list of his work, click here.



If you are looking for a natural and dynamic style of mastering that enhances the character and power of your mix, you are at the right place!

Whether you want to get some professional mastering done on your band's songs or on the sound mix of your film, he can help you with his 15+ years of experience in analog and digital audio.



We charge by the track (duration under 6 minutes, or more charges apply*), or per every 6 minutes of film.



We accept payment in Euros , British Pounds £, US Dollars $, via secure Paypal, bank transfer, or check.


  • Mastering for digital (any format for downloads, streaming, iTunes (MfiT), Bandcamp, Soundcloud, HDTracks, etc...) = 65€ per track*.


  • CD-Audio mastering (for pressing CDs, with ISRC codes, CD-text, pauses, tracks layout, etc...) = 68€ per track*.


  • Vinyl mastering (adapted mastering for then directly cutting and pressing any format, size, and speed) = 75€ per track*.                                                                                                        


                                                     * For example, digital mastering for a 10-minute track would cost 65€ x 2 = 130€.


  • Film mastering (for DCP files, TV broadcast, streaming, etc...  under industry standard guidelines) = 65€ for every 6 minutes of your project.



He is also proficient in stereo or surround mixing for cinema or music:


  • Stereo or surround mixing (all formats, from 1.0 mono to 5.1 surround) = from 150€ to 400€ per track*, or for every 6 minutes.  



Additionnally, we offer a consulting service where we perform a technical and artistic analysis of your mixes before mastering, and deliver a detailed written note on how to improve your mix. We can then proceed to mastering for a better and professional end result.


  • Consulting (on any type of mix) = 10€ per track*, or for every 6 minutes (film).


If you have any question or if you would like a free cost estimate, please don't hesitate to contact us by using the green 'Contact' tab in the left menu or by clicking here.

Worldwide customers welcome!